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Staatsblad 1917 Nomor 129 Pdf 42

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Staatsblad 1917 Nomor 129 Pdf 42

a registered association or any individual registered member has the right to act as a legal entity. when acting as a legal entity, the member cannot be personally liable for any debts acquired by the association. registration also includes the right to file or maintain legal proceedings, such as: proceeding against another entity or individual for the recovery of debts due and owing by another entity or individual; preventing the making or the enforcement of a decree or judgment against the entity or individual; notifying the minister of law and human rights of acts by the entity or individual that may be prejudicial to the entity or individual and his or her partner corporations.

individuals have the right to create and join an association for the purpose of exercising the rights and obligations shared by its members. however, in order for a member to become entitled to participate in association governance, the member must perform the following acts: the membership requirement of article 2, clause 3: completion of a formal application and approval of the association. the participation requirement of article 12: attendance and active participation in at least one meeting per year. the decision-making requirement of article 6: make a decision regarding the associations future. the liability requirement of article 13: perform the work of the association, irrespective of whether the association is liable for that work.

individuals who have performed the membership, participation and decision-making requirements can be recognized as members of the association. the authorization by the minister confirms the individuals status as an association member. registered members are also entitled to act as a legal entity, which means members cannot be personally liable for debts arising from the association. as an association member, an individual can represent the entity in legal proceedings against another entity or individual. 3d9ccd7d82


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