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Pixellu is a company that creates simple and beautiful solutions for the world of photography. It was co-founded by two wedding photographers in 2010, who wanted to use the power of technology to build software that helps photographers save time and live more fulfilling lives. Pixellu offers a range of software designed specifically for photographers, such as SmartAlbums, SmartSlides, and Galleries. One of their flagship products, SmartAlbums, is a revolutionary album design software that lets photographers create stunning albums in minutes. Pixellu has recently released a new version of SmartAlbums, which features new templates, layouts, and integrations. To learn more about the latest SmartAlbums release, visit You can also find out more about Pixellu and their other products at

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Pixellu was born out of the frustration of two wedding photographers who were spending too much time on album design and not enough time on their passion. They decided to create a software that would make album design easy and fun, without compromising on quality and creativity. They launched SmartAlbums in 2013, and it quickly became a favorite among professional photographers around the world.

Since then, Pixellu has expanded its product line to include SmartSlides, a simple and elegant slideshow maker, and Galleries, a modern and minimalist online gallery platform. Pixellu's products are designed to work seamlessly together, creating a smooth workflow for photographers from start to finish. Pixellu's products are also integrated with leading industry partners, such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Fundy Designer, ShootProof, Zenfolio, and more.

Pixellu's mission is to develop simple and beautiful solutions for the world of photography. They believe that technology should enhance the art of photography, not distract from it. They also believe that photographers should spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on what matters most: capturing and sharing beautiful moments. To learn more about Pixellu and their products, visit 29c81ba772


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