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Mahapurush O Kapurush Dvdrip Download !FREE!

Mahapurush O Kapurush: A Hilarious Bengali Comedy Film You Can Watch Online

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining Bengali movie to watch online, you might want to check out Mahapurush O Kapurush, a 2013 comedy drama film directed by Aniket Chattopadhyay. The film stars Bratya Basu, Lama Halder, Dipankar De, Locket Chatterjee, Tanuka Chatterjee, Bhola Tamang, Ritwick Chakraborty, Rimjhim Mitra, Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee and Biswanath Basu in prominent roles. The film is available on Amazon Prime Video and you can download it in high quality DVDrip format.

Mahapurush O Kapurush Dvdrip Download


The film revolves around two parallel stories that eventually converge in a hilarious climax. One story is about Bireshwar Chatterjee (Dipankar De), a wealthy industrialist who is duped by a fake holy man named Shri Shri Sadgajananda Maharaj (Bratya Basu) and his partner Aapu (Lama Halder). The other story is about a thief (also Bratya Basu) who breaks into a house of a family of four and gets accidentally killed. The family tries to dispose of the dead body but faces many obstacles from the police inspector (Biswanath Basu).

The film is a satire on the blind faith and superstition that prevails in the society and the greed and corruption that plagues the system. The film also features some hilarious scenes and dialogues that will make you laugh out loud. The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike and has been praised for its witty script, brilliant performances and crisp direction.

So, if you are looking for a good laugh and a dose of social commentary, you should definitely watch Mahapurush O Kapurush online. You can download the DVDrip version of the film from the link below and enjoy it at your convenience.

Mahapurush O Kapurush Dvdrip Download

Mahapurush O Kapurush is based on two short stories by Satyajit Ray, Kapurush and Mahapurush. The film is a tribute to the legendary filmmaker and writer who is considered one of the greatest directors of all time. The film also pays homage to some of his iconic films and characters, such as Charulata, Apu, Feluda and Professor Shonku.

The film has a talented ensemble cast that delivers excellent performances. Bratya Basu plays a double role as the fake saint and the thief and showcases his versatility and comic timing. Lama Halder is hilarious as his sidekick who helps him in his scams. Dipankar De is convincing as the gullible industrialist who falls prey to their tricks. Locket Chatterjee, Tanuka Chatterjee, Bhola Tamang, Ritwick Chakraborty, Rimjhim Mitra and Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee play the members of the family who get entangled in the dead body fiasco. Biswanath Basu is superb as the corrupt and incompetent police inspector who adds to their troubles.

The film is directed by Aniket Chattopadhyay, who is known for his comedy films such as Bye Bye Bangkok, Goray Gondogol and Jamai 420. He has also written the screenplay and dialogues for the film. The film has a crisp editing by Rabiranjan Maitra and a catchy music by Savvy Gupta. The film has a runtime of 120 minutes and is rated U/A by the censor board. c481cea774


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