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King Naresuan: Part Three

King Naresuan: Part Three >>>

Educated by wise monk Kanchong (Sorapong Chatree) and eschewing the trappings of his royal status, Naresuan finds playmates in street urchin Bunthing (Jirayu La-Ongmanee) and cute girl Maneechan (Suchada Chekly). Most accessible part of the drama is the bond formed by the odd trio, whose cheeky adventures prove much more entertaining than all the maneuverings in Burma and surrounding kingdoms.

Update: 2022I just returned from visiting my mother at Hart Heritage Estates, a lovely facility for assisted living in Bel Air, Maryland. It's so convenient to where I live. My children are able to visit her when they come to our place for the holidays. My mother has made friend with several Thai ladies, Zella M and Unella K, who are also at Hart Heritage Estates. The last time I was there I mentioned the movie, King Naresuan, and how I enjoyed it the first time I saw it. Both of them were familar with the movie. I promised I would see if I could get a CD of the movie. I was actually able to find it on Amazon under the title Kingdom of War (Part 1 & 2). We only watched the first part today. And just like when I watched it with my husband a while back, I would pause the movie so either Zella or Unella could explain so point. All in all it was a successful visit. Every time I leave the facility at the Hart Heritage EstatesI marvel at how lucky we were to be able to find space there. The drive up the long roadway through the woods is so pleasant. The independent senior living offers spacious rooms, community activities, religious services, entertainment, beauty salon, and a homey coffee cafe in the morning. My mother enjoys walking grounds and bird watching in the afternoons. She particularly likes that she can continue gardening there. I feel the staff are thoughtful and compassionate creating a caring community environment. I learned today that Zella adores Khao Niaow Ma Muang (mango sticky rice) a classic Thai dessert. It's heavenly and scrumptious. It's one of my favorite desserts. I think I will make it for my next week's visit when we plan to watch the second part of Kingdom of War.

The Legend of Naresuan was originally planned a one long epic film that would contain all the historically facts and fiction; however, later compromised by Momchao Chatrichalerm Yukol to be cut into three separate films; and hence crippled by this. The first film of the trilogy was planned to be an explosion of Siamese pride and euphoria, not only for its history, but also a revitalization of Thailand's decrescendo of its movie industry. The film overall was quite satisfactory, from the emotional flashbacks of how the great Siamese kingdom of Ayodhya was so easily and effortlessly relinquished; to the exhilarating scenes of the royally-endorsed cockfight between the Burmese heir-apparent's son's cock and Naresuan's. The witty scenes between Naresuan, his guiding monk, Boonthing, and Manichan add seriously need comic relief to the film; yet at the end of the film; most would agree that it was over all too abruptly; and are forced to tie up loose ends in possibly another six hours of storytelling. In short, engulf but unfulfilled trilogy-opening film.

From the English-language newspaper 'The Nation' in Thailand: 'King Naresuan'Shatters Box Office Record "The Legend of King Naresuan" has set a new Thai box-office record, raking in 120 million baht in four days.The film is tipped to be an all-time blockbuster.Distributor Sahamongkol Film said the first in the Naresuan trilogy broke the previous record held by action film "Tom Yum Goong", which starred Phanom "Tony Jaa" Yerum, which took in 90 million baht in four days.MC Chatrichalerm Yukol's historical epic is expected to follow the success of his 2001 "Suriyothai". That film remains the country's No-1 all time best-seller, with revenues of about 400 million baht.At the time, "Suriyothai" set a new record of 75 million baht for its first four days.An industry source said the first of the Naresuan trilogy


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