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Download Idl For Mac

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Download Idl For Mac

The QA process for SPEDAS 5.0 has now been completed, and this versionof the software is now released for general use for users who have paidfor IDL licenses. This release includes improved support for HTTPS downloads,updated plugin support for the ERG, IUGONET, THEMIS, MMS and other missions, andmany bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you have an IDL software license, then you can download and use either the SPEDAS 5.0 release or the untested the nightly build. Check with your system administrator on how to obtain and install IDL.

Alternatively, you can download the nightly build instead of the SPEDAS 4.1 release. This is build every day and it contains the most recent source code, but it is untested and you may encounter bugs and unresolved problems. It can be installed the same way as the SPEDAS 4.0 release, above.

Installation instructions can be found on the download page, but usually you have to copy two files into the IDL bin directory, 1) a .dlm file and 2) either a .so file (Linux, Mac) or a .dll file (Windows).

The suggested installation method is to run the install script for your operating system (e.g., install_idl_win.bat for Windows, for macOS/Linux). Running these scripts will download the latest version of the library and install them to your chosen IDL installation folder.

For Windows, after unzipping the file and launching spd_gui/spedas.exe, depending on your Windows security settings, you may see a popup window with a security warning about running programs downloaded from the internet. If this happens, there should be a button labeled "More info" -- if you click it, you should then see an option to run the program anyway. You should only have to do this the first time you run the SPEDAS executable.

If installing the downloaded package fails due to warnings about a newer Java version already being installed, you will need to run a few Applescript commands to allow the installation to proceed successfully. See this page for further details:

On Mac and Linux platforms, IDL depends on the X11 window system and Motif GUI toolkit for most graphics. Newer Mac OS X versions do not include the X11 libraries. XQuartz (X11) has to be downloaded and installed, or IDL will not work.

The first time you run SPEDAS, please make sure that all the directories where data files will be downloaded exist and have the proper permissions (they should be writable). To do this, launch the SPEDAS GUI (using the command spd_gui) and in the File menu choose Configuration Settings. Make sure that all the directories for SPEDAS and any other missions you use exist and are writable. If you make any changes, click "Save to File" to have the new settings saved.

Only license administrators can download the IDL software from General LC users can download the installer from the CZ Confluence page. If you do not see the installer you are looking for, please contact

(A new program, named cgFindCoyoteFiles has been added to the Library to help you findand eliminate old and out-dated versions of Coyote Library files. Runningthe program will print of list of directories on your IDL path that theprogram strongly suspects contain Coyote Library files. If you finddirectories that do contain old and out-dated Coyote programs, you shoulddelete those directories before proceeding.) The general procedure is to first download the entire Coyote Library (or Catalyst Library) as a zip file. Then, unzip the file and extract the programs to a directory that is already on your IDLpath, or to a directory you intend to put on your IDL path (see detailed instructions below).You can also download the Coyote and Catalyst Libraries from aSubversion code repository. You must have aSubversion client installed to use the repository, however. (Many UNIX systems have this installed by default and I highly recommend Windows users downloadthe TortoiseSVN application to use


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