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In 1989 a small group of believers, who had been meeting together at the Good Counsel Friary, purchased 2.7 acres of land that was owned by the family of Thoney Petro.  The property contained approximately 300’ of frontage along Tyrone Road, a small 100-year-old schoolhouse, and a one room stone house that was built by Mr. Petro to serve his family as their ‘summer home.’  Early on, the fellowship met in the schoolhouse and they quickly increased in numbers.  They determined to build a larger worship facility on the property.  This larger facility was constructed, and they moved into it in 1998. This small fellowship became Cheat Lake Community Church (CLCC). Not long after they occupied the new facility, the founding pastor moved away and CLCC went through an extended period of time that they were like sheep without a shepherd. This extended period of not having a pastor to properly lead and care for the believers who were there, resulted in a significant number of members leaving.  In 2004 Pastor John came and began ministering to those who were still committed to one another and what the Lord wanted to do at and through CLCC.  That same year Pastor John was invited to serve as the pastor. 


What distilled out of that group that started meeting in 1989 was a family of believers.  A group that was more organic than they were organizational.  They were battle tested and they were devoted to being a ministry and not a business. Most importantly they were seeking God’s presence and purpose.

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