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[S1E4] New Stories


A new podcast series tells the stories of how, over the last 10 years, a growing international community of practitioners, scientists, engineers, and researchers across many disciplines and organizations are working together to combine natural and engineering systems to solve problems and diversify infrastructure value by applying the principles and practices of Engineering With Nature.

At A+E Networks EMEA, we share stories that matter. A global broadcaster since 1995, we reach audiences in over 100 countries, including the UK, Nordics, Benelux, Central & Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, Germany, Africa and the Middle East. Our stories are global and local, linear and digital, and always compelling.

With our diverse line-up of original, high-quality programming, our distribution partners across EMEA recognise the benefits of offering A+E Networks EMEA's distinctive, high quality brands on their platforms and services. We understand the opportunity to grow engagement with new audiences of all ages and through new partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, along with our podcasts and on-demand SVOD services, we ensure our programming and unique stories reach audiences across the full demographic spectrum.

Personalization can make brand stories even more effective. Sawhney points to Valspar as a brand that has done a good job providing consumers with personalized attention. You can check out a desktop version of their free color-consulting service here.

Courtney Naquin: While the links to pollution may seem obvious, these regions often lack institutionalized research and monitoring to draw these conclusions. So to back up these local stories, we also spoke with New York State based power duo, Dr. Sandra Steingraber, an environmental scientist, and Dr. Larysa Dyrszka, a pediatrician and environmental health advocate. Together, along with several other health professionals, they helped produce a compendium, or a collection of extensive medical research proving how fracking and other associated infrastructure and activities is incredibly dangerous for public health.

WYE is an LMC podcast by the Experience newspaper. By telling student's unique stories, we hope to foster a deeper connection between all of us here at Los Medanos College. This episode, the Co-Editors-In-Chief Lilly Montero and Marc Lopez sit down and interview each other in an emotional farewell Q&A. Thanks for listening! 781b155fdc


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