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“The greater the difficulty to be overcome, the more will it be seen to the glory of God how much can be done by prayer and faith.” ― George Muller

I recall as a teenager moving to the gulf coast and going to the beach in the small town where we lived. The area had a couple of barrier islands that blocked most of the large waves from ever hitting our shore. The shoreline was great for wading. There were small waves that lapped to the shore and you could wade out quite a distance from shore before it got above your waist. It was a nice introduction to ‘Big’ water. I had been in rivers and lakes but nothing like this. After we had lived on the coast for about a year, we went to a beach about 40 miles east of us. It was a much different experience. The waves there were several feet high and it got deeper quicker. When I first got into the water the waves knocked me down and I choked on a little seawater. Not much fun. I was ready to go home after about 15 minutes. Then I looked around and saw that there were others with surfboards and boogie boards who were playing and having what looked like a GREAT time. I never got a large surfboard, but I did get a boogie board. With some practice I began riding those waves and what had been an obstacle became a source of great enjoyment.

So many things in life can hit us, knock us down, and make us think we need to stop or turn back. Learning how to embrace the power of each situation is often tied to our ability to put our faith in God who leads us so that we triumph over our challenges. God gives us perspective and then He gives us something we can use to ride the waves of life. Prayer is a powerful way to overcome the things that would limit us. We discover that what once brought us hesitance can bring exuberance. What is happening around us can cause different responses in people. Some say, “I want nothing to do with that. I am gonna stay away.” Others will ride on the crest of the most powerful waves with a sense of joy and overcoming achievement. Spiritual surfing; it’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

Pastor John

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